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Cafe World Layouts

How you lay out your Cafe can have a significant impact on you revenue. If table, counters, and stoves are not layed out correctly you will have unhappy customers. Having unhappy customers reduces you buzz rating which will in turn reduce traffic into your cafe.

Here are some great cafe world layouts. There are reasons for each of these layouts that are explained. If you want to gain coins and points quickly in cafe world you need to keep the customers eating and happy. A good cafe world layout will allow your server to get the dishes served quickly.

Access to Tables
Cafe World Table Access In order for a Cafe World server (waiter) to deliver food to a customer's table, one of the three sides other than where the customer is sitting must be accessible. If you put the table in a corner with another table next to it you will prevent access. This means that a customer will sit down and never be serverd. This is really bad because you will recieve -7 buzz points. This is very important when laying out your cafe. Even with expierience it is easy to mess up.

The cafe world table layout to the right has several issues. First is that the table outlined with the red box has no server access. You can see that the customer is waiting for food that will never arrive. The customer will then get up and angrily storm out of the cafe. This is devistating to your cafe world buzz rating. Cafe World Can Not Serve

Cafe World Layout The second problem with this arrangement is that one of the tables is not accessible to customers. Cafe World customers will not "slide over" to the nextr chair. It the chair is not accessible to walk to, no customers will sit there. While this does not have an immediate affect on buzz rating it is a waste of space. If a costomer arrives and there are no tables the clock will appear above their head. If the timer runs out they will leave unhappy!
Line of Site Access works Best
With this setup there were times that I had customers come in and wait impatiently for a seat even though there were seats availlable. The available seats were on the far side of a long line of table. It seems that customers do not always walk around a large obsticle like this to get to a seat. The timer ended, the customer left, and my buzz points went down even though there were seats available! Cafe World Table Layout
Some of the cafe world cheats below will have food appearing instantly when the customer sits down. While these cafe world cheats will get your buzz rate up quickly, it takes the fun and challenge away. If you are really up for a challenge you should try to get your cafe performing without these cafe world cheats.
Layout You Cafe so Your Waiter Does Not Move

Form a U-shape with the tables with the open end facing the the serving tables but leaving no access to the front. The waiter will stay put and the meals will fly to the table as if the server is dealing out cards! If a customer sits down the food will appear immediately ensuring a happy customer.

Cafe World Table Layout

Stove Layout
  If you turn all your ovens to where the doors are facing the grass. Your cook does not have to walk to each stove. Also, if you put your tables in a square around your serving trays the cook will not walk to the serving area. That speeds up production of the food.
Improved Boxed in Server

Using this layout works great. The server always appears behind the counter and servers the food without walking to the tables. The food appears almost the instant the customer sits down! Notice the stove doors face out as well so that you don't have to wail for the chef to walk from stove to stove when cooking or cleaning.

Boxed In server

Some people consider this a cheat and prefer to arrange their cafe differently so that the servers move around and still get everything done. It is surely more challenging to go for a 105 buzz rating.

You don't need more than 20 tables

You can maintain a buzz rating of 105 with only 18 tables. Having more tables just takes up room that you can use for decorations. Part of the fun of Cafe World is decorating your cafe to your own personality. I have seen people put as many as 40 tables in their cafe. I am sure that no more than half of the tables are filled at one time.

You can see in the layout below there are only 20 tables with 105 buzz rating.

Cafe World layout

In Cafe World, it is very important to have a good set-up if you want to run a successful restaurant. Each cafe should be set-up to ensure both your waiters do not have to walk very far and that you can fit in a lot of customers.

Minimizing your waiter's travel path much more important than minimizing your customer's travel path - if a customer sits too long without being served, he gets bored and will leave. However, a customer will never leave because he or she has to walk awhile to get to their seat! Additionally, even with a long walk, if you can serve all your customers, your buzz rating will keep climbing until all your seats are filled. If anyone finds a better set-up, feel free to post a picture in the comments section.

You actually don't need a waiter path to serve quickly. If you trap your waiter and chef, they will serve the plates without walking. But you have to leave a space in front of the counters and stoves...

I did some experimenting today and found that if you have one door with a very long entrance, it tends to enable your wait staff to get to everyone in time. You do get some wait drop from folks not able to get a table, but my buzz rating never gets below 100 (unless I'm doing something else)

I found that if I put my tables in a u shape and put the serving tables across the opening of the U with the open of the serving tables faced in it puts the waiter in the middle and have your stoves in a line in front of that my rating has stayed at 105. It limits the walk the waiter and the chef has to take.

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