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Welcome to Cafe World Game Guide

Cafe World is a game created by Zynga and available on Facebook.

This guide covers such topics as how to play the Facebook game Cafe World, how to make lots of money, and helpful tips to help you succeed in the game. We will continuously update our guide as new features of the game are released by Zynga.

Dishes and Recipes
  Cafe World on Facebook is all about cooking dishes and serving them to customers. You need to time things right to get the most coins and XP. Picking the right dish to prepare is the most important factor. More...

Buzz Rating
  Your Buzz Rating determines how many customers come to your Cafe. If the value increases, more people come to visit you and you will earn more money. If it goes down, so does your customer traffic and potential earnings. More...

Cafe Points (CP) and Levels
  As you cook and serve dishes to customers, you earn Cafe World points. As you gain points you increase you level. Each level increase makes new items available. More...

Cafe Layouts
  This is one of the most important tips for cafe world. The way you lay out your cafe can have a huge impact on you buzz rating, profits, and how fast you gain cafe points. More...

Cafe World Neighbors
  Cafe World Neighbors are primarily Facebook friends who are also playing Cafe World. If you invite them to be your neighbors and they accept, you can help each other progress into the game. More...

Tips and Cheats
  If you really wan to get ahead quickly, follow our Cafe World tips and cheats guide.

This site has some of the best zynga Cafe World tips and cafe world cheats you can find. This site is constantly being updated with new tips. Make sure you come back from time to time to find out the latest cheats. If you want to succeed in zynga cafe world you need this guide.

There are other cheat guides for zynga cafe world in facebook out there but this is the best guide for great tips and ideas.

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